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5 countries which love INDIA and INDIANS.

1) Russia 

The adversary of my foe is my companion methodology. It was those circumstances that Russia has helped India in many terms amid the Kargil war as America has been helping Pakistan. In spite of the fact that the terms with USA by India is great nowadays and the two nations are cooperating still every Indian imagine that Russia is our exclusive closest companion.

2) Japan

This electronic ace has an exceptionally unique exchange connection with India. Numerous Japanese organizations are helping Indian economy to exceed expectations. This nation is outstanding for its assistance to India ordinarily.

3) Singapore

This little however financial goliath is one of the genuine companion of India. Singapore has and is helping many states in India both financially and foundation shrewd. The future systems are obscure.

4) England

This old enemy has changed the face of India. England has a very special relation with our country. The people in many crucial positions in England were from India and many Doctors in England are Indians. Every native person of England knows about Gandhi and freedom moment and respect our country.

5) USA 

They require brilliant individuals who work for shabby, so they adore India. The least expensive splendid individuals showcase on the planet is India. USA is abusing the Indian occupation showcase. Despite the fact that it is making cash for the economy the imaginative boundaries are halting Indians to think of some new thoughts which help in nation's flourishing.